FAQs - General

Institut Sosial Malaysia is being set up administratively as the training centre of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. The Institute conducts training courses, seminars, workshops and forums as well as organizes major conferences in social policy and social development.

Institut Sosial Malaysia is currently organizing in house training courses for officers and staff of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and other government agencies. At the moment the courses are not open to public.

No. However, the non-governmental agencies are invited to attend seminars and conferences organized by Institut Sosial Malaysia.

Lecture rooms, discussion rooms, moot court, library, auditorium, computer laboratory, meeting rooms, dining hall and accommodation rooms.

Government agencies and non-government agencies may apply but subject to the approval by the Director of the Institute.

Seminars, conferences and workshops on social policy and social development which are open to government officers of other ministries and non-governmental organizations and institutions of higher learning.

Yes. We have a series of publications which comprises of:

  • Malaysian Journal of Social Policy and Society (research findings on social development)
  • Research Monograph (thesis on social development)
  • Social Matters (articles on social development)
  • Social Trends (current social issues)
  • ISM Post (current publications on social development, activities of the institute)
  • ISM Minda (articles on social development)
  • ISM Giat (activities of the institute)